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Enable broken image placeholders in Firefox

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Firefox by default replaces broken image links with the alt attribute, so a simple plain text. If the image doesn’t have alt attribute you can’t even know that there were an image. This is very annoying so here how to show the broken image placeholder when a link of an image is not correct or the image doesn’t exist anymore. Go to this path:


If chrome folder doesn’t exist, create it. Into that folder create a file named userContent.css and paste this code:

/* Enable image placeholders */
@-moz-document url-prefix(http), url-prefix(file) {
img:-moz-broken {

Restart Firefox and you’re done. Now broken image links will be replaced with the image you can see on the top of this post (not so big of course). Here I place for you a broken link image to test your Firefox. Broken image on next new line:
There is an image here
On default Firefox you will see “There is an image here” text, but if you followed the istructions above you should see the broken image placeholder.


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DaveEnable broken image placeholders in Firefox

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