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Windows 10: how to create and manage multiple desktops

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Create multiple desktops:

  1. Click the Task View button on the Taskbar, the one near the Windows button. If you don’t have it, right click the Taskbar and select Show Task View button.Task View button
  2. In this screen you will see the current opened windows. Click the New desktop button in the right-bottom corner to create a new desktop.New Desktop Button

Managing multiple desktops:

  • While in the Task View screen, you can drag and drop windows from one desktop to another.
  • Show the current opened windows and desktops with Win+TAB shortcut.
  • You can create multiple desktop with Win+Ctrl+D shortcut.
  • You can quickly switch from one desktop to another with Win+Ctrl+Left/Right shortcuts.
  • Close a desktop with Win+Ctrl+F4 shortcut.


DaveWindows 10: how to create and manage multiple desktops

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